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Catcher Instruction and Hitting Instruction by Chad Moeller As a former teammate of Chad Moellers, I can assure you your son will get the instruction he needs to get to the next level - Luis Gonzalez

Over the last 6 years I've taught Chad all I know about hitting - Kevin Long, NY Yankees Hitting Coach

MLB Playoffs: When Fundamentals take Center Stage

October is coming and with October comes the Major League Baseball Playoffs.  A time where stars will shine and the hottest team will advance to the next round. Most of the time, the hotter team will advance.  Our team needs to play well through 162 games for the chance to play a few more … [Read More...]

The NEW Face of Baseball – Mike Trout

As one legend walks away from the game.  A new legend and quite possible, the new face of baseball has walked in.  Derek Jeter exits and in walks Mike Trout. Derek Jeter in a previous post represented consistency and fundamentals.  He was never blessed with out of this world talent that jumped … [Read More...]

Derek Jeter – The Face of Baseball

At the end of this baseball season, the greatest modern day shortstop will take off his number two uniform for the final time.  He will walk out of the locker room and down the steps and into our memories.  The face of baseball will finally retire. Derek Jeter will walk into the next chapter of … [Read More...]

The Importance of Long Toss

** I'd written earlier this year about HOW to play Long Toss...  Now I'd like to expand on that and discuss the IMPORTANCE of playing Long Toss! A couple of days ago I was talking to a high school baseball coach about throwing and injuries that seem to be happening at an alarming rate.  Every … [Read More...]

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Marco Burgarello

Meet Marco Burgarello, Chad Moeller Baseball’s Featured Player for December 2013

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Dr. Ken Ravizza – Bad Attitudes in Baseball

Chad Moeller and Ken Ravizza Discuss Correcting a Bad … [Read More...]

Dealing with the Yips

Dr. Ken Ravizza on Dealing with the ‘Yips’

Chad Moeller and Ken Ravizza Discuss the … [Read More...]


Dr. Ken Ravizza on Dealing with a Game that’s based on Failure

Baseball is a Game based on Failure - Dr. Ken … [Read More...]

How to Catch a Popup

How to Catch a Pop Up

How to Catch a Pop Up   The key is we want to make sure … [Read More...]


How to Hit a Baseball Using Your Legs

How to Hit a Baseball Using Your Legs     For … [Read More...]

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